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Futaba GY520 Futaba Gyro GY520 For RC Model Heli

Futaba GY520 Futaba Gyro GY520 For RC Model HeliManufacturerFutaba
Product CodeFutaba GY520

Futaba GY520 Futaba Gyro GY520 For RC Model Heli

CategoryHome > Rc Helicopters > Gyros
Date Added11/08/2010
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Futaba GY520 Futaba Gyro GY520 For RC Model Heli

The brand new GY520 gyro is the smallest and lightest helicopter heading hold gyro available! It may be small, it may be light, weighing only 10grams complete, but it performs brilliantly, no matter whether in .90 size 3D aerobatic heli or a micro electric, all the time consuming about 10% of the power other gyros require and being able to operate with both digital and analogue servos. The GY520 combines the superb tail holding power of the AVCS system with new super sensitive sensors, with virtually instantaneous response. For perfect fine tuning, there are 7 programmable features and 3 ways to set them.

• Ultra miniature and lightweight gyro contained in one unit – no separate sensor and control unit
• High speed advanced PID (Proportional-Integral-Derivative) algorithm
• Latest MEMS (Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems)
• Compatible with digital and analogue servos.
• F3C and 3D mode selectable.
• Operates at very high speed; 280Hz in the 1250uS mode and 506Hz in the 760uS mode.
• Programmable through single button and LED or through a PC using Futaba CIU-2 USB adapter.
Weight: 10g
Dimensions: 20.8 x 20.8 x 11mm

Futaba GY520 Futaba Gyro GY520 For RC Model Heli
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