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Futaba GY401 Futaba Gyro GY401 For RC Model Heli

Futaba GY401 Futaba Gyro GY401 For RC Model HeliManufacturerFutaba
Product CodeFutaba GY401

Futaba GY401 Futaba Gyro GY401 For RC Model Heli

CategoryHome > Rc Helicopters > Gyros
Date Added05/08/2010
AvailabilityNot available
Sales Price (incl. VAT)€ 120.00

Futaba GY401 Futaba Gyro GY401 For RC Model Heli

This is the GY401 Gyro with SMM Technology from Futaba. This is a High Performance, Compact and Light Weight (AVCS) Angular Vector Control System gyro developed for model helicopters. The sensor and control circuit are integrated, it is simple to install.

FEATURES: AVCS System: Since the rudder trim changes (caused by wind and other meteorological changes); the front, rear, and other heli attitudes change and are automatically canceled; tail (rudder) operation is easy, making it perfect for 3D flight. (also known as heading hold gyro)

SMM Gyro Sensor: Use of this newly developed technology virtually eliminates rudder trim changes during flight. Digital Servo Compatible (DS Mode): DS mode makes it compatible with Futaba digital servos. This maximizes the high-speed response performance of the digital servo. Remote Gain Function and Mode Switching Function Remote: Gain function allows sensitivity switching from the transmitter and mode switching function allows AVCS/normal gyro mode switching. Integrated, compact and lightweight design made possible by high density mounting technology. Conductive Resin Case: This case improves EMC (Electrostatic and electromagnetic interference) resistance.

Length: 27mm
Width: 27mm
Height: 20mm
Weight: 27g

Futaba GY401 Futaba Gyro GY401 For RC Model Heli
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