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Futaba 222 Servo S9070 Digital programmable BB

Futaba 222 Servo S9070 Digital programmable BBManufacturerFutaba
Product CodeFutaba 222

Futaba 222 Servo S9070 Digital programmable BB

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Date Added19/11/2011
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Futaba 222 Servo S9070 Digital programmable BB

The S9070 is the first of Futaba’s programmable servos. This servo is extremely versatile, offering good torque and speed in a compact low profile design. Low profile designs are often recommended in some of the latest electric models such as the Sebart SU29 50e or Angel 50e and this servo has the added benefit that it can be also be operated directly using a 2S Li-Po, although ultimately with a reduced life cycle.
The operating parameters of the Futaba programmable servo S9070 can be set and changed from a PC by using the optional Futaba CIU-2 USB adapter with a power supply (4.8~6V receiver battery) and Y-harness. The S9070 PC-Link program is free to download and is compatible with Windows® Vista/XP/2000 only.
The following parameters can be altered using the optional Futaba CIU-2 driver (available separately):
• Neutral Offset
The neutral position can be changed.
• Speed Control
Speeds can be matched by specifying the operating speed. The speed of multiple servos can be matched without being affected by motor fluctuations. This is effective for load torques below the maximum torque.
However, note that the maximum speed will not be exceeded even if a speed over the maximum speed of the servo at each operating voltage is set.
• Dead Band
The dead band angle at stopping can be specified. If the dead band angle is small, the servo will operate continuously and the life of the servo may be shortened.
• Travel Adjust
The left and right travels centred about the neutral position can be set independently.
• Anti-Fluttering Level
With fuselages with a large wing area, etc., the flutter phenomena whereby the control surfaces begin to oscillate continuously due to inertia may occur. However, when this phenomena occurs, the oscillations can be reduced by changing this parameter. Mode 5 has the highest suppression effect.
• Reverse
The direction in which the servo rotates can be changed.
• Servo Type
When the servo remains stopped for 30 seconds, the dead band expands and unnecessary hold current due to external force is eliminated. When a new position signal enters, the normal mode is restored and normal operation is resumed.
Select the "Retractable" mode for the retractable landing gear servo. In this case, set the Travel Adjust and the Speed Control at the same time.
• Soft Start
Restricts operation in the specified direction the instant the power is turned on. By making this setting, only the first operation when the power is turned on slowly moves the servo to the specified position.
• Stop Mode
The state of the servo when the servo input signal is lost can be specified. The "Hold" mode setting holds the servo in its last commanded position even if using AM or FM system.
• Smoother
This function smoothly changes servo operation relative to operation signal changes.
Normally use at Smooth setting. Especially, select the "OFF" mode when quick operation is necessary.
Speed: 0.12 sec/60° (7.2v)
Speed: 0.15 sec/60° (6.0v)
Speed: 0.18 sec/60° (4.8v)
Torque: 6.8 Kg/cm (7.2v)
Torque: 5.5 Kg/cm (6.0v)
Torque: 4.5 Kg/cm (4.8v)
Voltage: 4.8v-7.2v
Dimensions: 35.9 x 19.5 x 24.9mm
Weight: 32g

Futaba 222 Servo S9070 Digital programmable BB
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