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Futaba 168DF-35FM Receiver 168DF 8Ch 35FM

Futaba 168DF-35FM Receiver 168DF 8Ch 35FMManufacturerFutaba
Product CodeFutaba 168DF-35FM

Futaba 168DF-35FM Receiver 168DF 8Ch 35FM

CategoryHome > Radio Controls & Receivers > Receivers
Date Added09/12/2010
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Futaba 168DF-35FM Receiver 168DF 8Ch 35FM

This is the Futaba R168DP 8-Channel 35MHz (channel 11-60)
PCM 1024 Dual Conversion Receiver without Crystal.

FEATURES: Narrow-band spacing and Dual Conversion signal filtering combine to provide exceptionally clear, interference-free reception and amazingly smooth, accurate control Can be used seamlessly between high and low bands without retuning

INCLUDES: One Futaba R168DP 8-Channel 72MHz PCM 1024 Receiver

REQUIRES: FUTL57** 35MHz Dual Conversion Receiver Crystal Low Band (11-35)_OR FUTL58** 35MHz Dual Conversion Receiver Crystal High Band (36-60)

SPECS: Narrow Band: 20kHz Power Requirements: 4.8 to 6.0V (shared with servos) Dimensions: 1.1 x 2.2 x 0.79" (29.2 x 55.8 x 20.0mm) Weight: 0.85oz (24.2g)

COMMENTS: 1024 Resolution is NOT Compatible with Older PCM 512 Systems.

Special Notice about Frequency Changes- *35MHz -- OK to change within the half of the band w/out retune -- Must have service change from Low to High or High to Low. -- **MUST** have service change from 35MHz. (Low band channels 11 to 35; High band channels 36 to 60.) Customer should never change bands or band halves. *50MHz, 72MHz, 27MHz and 35MHz Frequency Bands Cannot under any circumstances be interchanged with each other. 72/75:receiver Must be sent in for retuning to the appropriate band. 50/27: can't do. *50MHz, 27MHz and 35MHz receiver crystals Can be changed anywhere within the respective bands. There are no High or Low bands such as the 72MHz band has. *Transmitter Crystals Cannot be changed to another channel except by a licensed service center. It is against FCC regulations, and illegal for the user to change a frequency determining component of a transmitter. If the radio is not retuned, it can be a hazard spectators, modelers or property, and void AMA insurance coverage. *Check with the local R/C club for the frequencies used in your area.

Futaba 168DF-35FM Receiver 168DF 8Ch 35FM
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