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Futaba 1148 Transmitter 14MZ With Receiver R5014DPS (PCM40-2048) + Battery + Charger

Futaba 1148 Transmitter 14MZ With Receiver R5014DPS (PCM40-2048) + Battery + ChargerManufacturerFutaba
Product CodeFutaba 1148

Futaba 1148 Transmitter 14MZ With Receiver R5014DPS (PCM40-2048) + Battery + Charger

CategoryHome > Radio Controls & Receivers > Radio Controls
Date Added09/12/2010
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Futaba 1148 Transmitter 14MZ With Receiver R5014DPS (PCM40-2048) + Battery + Charger

This revolutionary 14 channel opens a new era of RC flight because with the PCM-G3 us to a third generation.
Two separate internal processors. A processor, designed specifically for the Futaba manages all functions dedicated to flight control, while the other supervises the set-up and programming in Windows CE.
Better resolution and faster response
Equipped with the new PCM 2048 system has twice the resolution of the already excellent PCM 1024.
Large backlit color touchscreen display with 640x240 pixels resolution. During the flight, shown on the screen are several critical parameters such as battery capacity, the model selected, the position of the trim, the output of the transmitter, and others.
Memory capacity to store up to 30 models and a Compact Flash card can store 100 models. The CF card is also used to transfer updated software and storage of voice files and music. You can record up to 24 different vocal warnings about three seconds each and assign them to buttons or switches
Battery Lithium-Ion 7.4 volts 2200 mAh which provides a 'autonomy of two or three hours of flight. Furthermore, with the charger, the airfield can be recharged in about an hour
Backlit color touchscreen monitor with a resolution of 640x240 pixels.
Compartment for storing the antenna housed in the bottom of the radio.
Battery Lithium-Ion 7.2 volts 2200 mAh.
Thanks to advanced technology used BGA (Ball Grid Array) is the recipient of the 14MZ 14 channel synthesized the world's smallest, most compact and more resistant to vibration.
Article 153 MB CF card 32
Compact Flash card can store 100 patterns, to transfer updated software and storage of voice files and music.
Other Features
• Supports 7 different types of wings, tails 4 types, 3 motor types and 7 types of swashplate for helicopters.
• Manages 32 selectable functions.
• Provides 9 flight conditions.
• The model name can have up to 32 characters.
• The antenna can be unplugged and stored in a special compartment located behind the radio.
Real-Time Response
Double the resolution of PCM1024, the 14MZ's breakthrough PCM G3
2048 enables servos to pick up even the slightest stick movements.
It's the closest to actual real-time response possible, for
unprecedented speed and precision. The 14MZ is also backwards-
compatible, so pilots can still use 1024PCM and PPM receivers
Large, Color Touch Screen
Only one company in the world could make the 14MZ display...it's
an engineering triumph in itself. The HGVA screen features
crystal clear 640x240 pixel resolution. It uses transflective
technology (layered transparent and reflective surfaces)
plus adjustable backlighting and contrast for easy visibility,
even in direct sunlight. Menu navigations and selections
can be made by touching the screen-or use the Dial-N-Key button
to scroll and select
Dual Internal Processors
The 14MZ takes advantage of two separate internal processors for
maximum efficiency and reliability. A custom Futaba processor
expertly directs all functions dedicated to flight control. Input
for general operating tasks-such as set-up and programming-is
processed by Windows CE.
Pre-Programmed Mixes
Numerous aircraft configurations are already programmed in-seven
wing types, four tail types and three motor types. Just select
the needed setup
Servo Grouping
Multiple servos controlling a single function can be set up
through the transmitter and then plugged into differently
adjustable receiver channels (even non-consecutively) without
needing a separate servo synchronizer for mixing.
Switch Customizing
The eight shoulder switches can be reconfigured to your own
preference-just pull out switch and plug in the preferred style,
tall or short, button or toggle, spring-loaded or positionable.
R5014DPS Receiver
By using state-of-the-art Ball Grid Array (BGA) layered PC board
technology, the 14MZ's R5014DPS 14-channel synthesized receiver is
the world's smallest. All pilots will appreciate how easy its
WFSS (Wireless Frequency Setting System) makes changing
frequencies at busy airfields. It can be done right from the
transmitter without changing crystals.
Lithium-Ion Transmitter Battery
Even with the 14MZ transmitter's brilliant, full-color display,
fliers will enjoy 2-3 hours of operating time per charge from the
included 7.4V, 2200mAh Lithium-Ion battery pack
Compact Flash Card Data Storage & Transfer
Built-in 30-model memory, which can be expanded to 100 models
using the supplied Flash memory card. Upload digital images of
your aircraft for use as model names on the graphic menu. Create
and store audio files enabling you to fly to music or flight call
The transmitter also includes a built-in mic for recording and
storing up to 24 voice prompts, such as "Landing gear down" and
"Full throttle!" These prompts can be assigned to specific
switches and functions so that audio confirmations of proper
stick movement are heard through the transmitter's speaker.
Technical data transmitting T14MZ
Number of channels 14
Color monitor, 640x240 pixels
Transmission PCM-G3 (2048), PCM - 1024 PPM / FM (8 channels)
Frequency 35/40 MHz
Lithium battery 7.2 V, 2.2 Ah
Current consumption approx 500 mA
Dimensions 200x190x60 mm
Weight around 1200g
1 Transmitter TX T14MZ
1 Receiver R5014DPS (PCM40-2048)
BATTERY CHARGER including transmitter

Futaba 1148 Transmitter 14MZ With Receiver R5014DPS (PCM40-2048) + Battery + Charger
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