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Futaba 1089N Transmitter TX 9CPS (PCM-PPM) With Receiver R149DP (PCM40) + Battery TX + Charger

Futaba 1089N Transmitter TX 9CPS (PCM-PPM) With Receiver R149DP (PCM40) + Battery TX + ChargerManufacturerFutaba
Product CodeFutaba 1089N

Futaba 1089N Transmitter TX 9CPS (PCM-PPM) With Receiver R149DP (PCM40) + Battery TX + Charger

CategoryHome > Radio Controls & Receivers > Radio Controls
Date Added09/12/2010
AvailabilityNot available
Sales Price (incl. VAT)€ 375.00

Futaba 1089N Transmitter TX 9CPS (PCM-PPM) With Receiver R149DP (PCM40) + Battery TX + Charger

This 9CAP radio is the perfect system offering absolutely precise control of any type of model. This PCM radio on 40Mhz ground frequency is legal for use in BattleBots and all other major robotic tournaments! By popular demand, we also can configure this unit on 40Mhz for aircraft usage.
The big advantage the 9C offers over the 8U and most other options for ground modelers is channel assignability. Channels 5-8 can be placed on any switch/slider/dial in a single step, and channel 9 (switch only) can be placed on any switch just as easily. This is great for weapons control and a huge variety of other options. On most radios channels 6, 7, and 8 are preassigned to a dial and you have to do a lot of 'finagling' to get them to a switch.
* Retains all of the super features that have made 9C radios so popular, in a comfortable, well-balanced transmitter.
* The 9CAP has the ability to mix any 2 channels to work together
*Slider switches on both sides of the case control any two proportional channels you desire— while keeping them within easy reach.
Rotary Dial/4-button Programming
* 2 Proportional Slide Switch Controls
* Assignable switches
* All-electronic Trims w/Auto Memory
* 128 x 64 Dot Graphics LCD
* Servo Cycle & Bar Graph Display
* Expanded Chart/Curve Graphics
* Constant trim, voltage, name and timer display
* 8-model Memory (CAMPac-expandable)
* 8-character Model Naming
* Model Copy (Data Transfer available w/optional CAMPac use)
* Basic & Advanced Programming Menus
* “Full Functionality” Trainer System
* 3 Model Types
* System Timer & 2 Count Up/Down Timers
* Four 3001 servos (72Mhz systems only) * Sanyo® Transmitter & Receiver NiCds
* Dual-conversion R138DP 8-channel receiver
* Compatibility with all Futaba FM and 1024 PCM Receivers
* End Point Adjustment (EPA) on all channels
* Dual or Triple Rates (ele/ail/rud)
* Exponential (ele/ail/rud/thr)
* Throttle Cut & Idle-down
* Electronic Subtrim (all channels)
* Fail Safe (all channels; PCM models only)
* ATL Trim (on/off)
* Length-/Tension-adjustable Sticks
* Servo Reversing (all channels)
* Power and transmission LEDs
+ Mixes 6 & 7 are plotted on a 5-point curve.
++ Mix #6 can be plotted on 5-point curve.
A transmitter that is computed for quality and performance is a goal for advanced modelers.
The 9C Super is designed to make further improvements to the already excellent previous 9CP, which we list below:
Directly on the transmitter you can now put 12 models of memory instead of the previous 8.
The memories become 18 if the optional use CAMPac 16K.
The Timer has 3 timers instead of 2, added to the model is stored in memory at any time and we can provide the number of hours and minutes of flight taken by that model.
The large LCD screen has reached a better readability due to the particular color and better contrast.
The improvements in the three types of model are as follows:
Aircraft (Acro)
The setting of the gyro system, with the GYA gyros, can be made for two values ​​(up / down) or three values ​​(up / center / down). In addition to any switch can be devoted to the choice of normal flight or AVCS.
The airbrakes are now selectable with a switch.
Both aircraft have the characteristic that the yachtsmen of 7 programmable mixes: 5 mixes and more precisely linear and curve 2 to 5 points.
Sailplane (Glider)
In addition to the Basic offset trim, the 9C Super offers three other offsets to be used in different flight phases (launch, thermal and speed), whose curves can be adapted to the needs of each situation.
The setting of the mixing of the four curves can be made on screen and programmed with any of the rotary potentiometers.
Easy setup and very flexible.
A new G2F-C mix has been added to G1FLP and G2FLP.
Helicopters (Heli)
The five-point curves of the Gas (Thottle) and Pitch (Pitch) have the possibility to introduce a delay so as to make the transition from hover sweeter for Idle-up resulting in better control of the helicopter.
The functions of Throttle Hold and Idle-up can be assigned to any switch that is more comfortable to the pilot.
The high and low pitch (Hi / Low Pitch) can be used to adjust the curves in the top and bottom of each flight condition.
E 'can now choose from six of swashplate mixing: SWH1, SWH2, SR3, SN3, and the new SWH4 SWH3.
Technical Data
Dimensions 180x180x60mm
Weight 935gr. (With batteries)
FM Transmission / PCM
Frequency 40 MHz
Power supply 9.6 V - 12 V (8 items NiCd 1.2V NiCd pack 9.6 V))
Consumption 250 mAh
Functions Ch 9
1 Transmitter
1 Receiver R149DP (PCM40)
BATTERY CHARGER Transmitter and Receiver included

Futaba 1089N Transmitter TX 9CPS (PCM-PPM) With Receiver R149DP (PCM40) + Battery TX + Charger
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