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Futaba 1072SPEC Transmitter 7CPS 2.4G + Receiver R617FS + Battery TX

Futaba 1072SPEC Transmitter 7CPS 2.4G + Receiver R617FS + Battery TXManufacturerFutaba
Product CodeFutaba 1072SPEC

Futaba 1072SPEC Transmitter 7CPS 2.4G + Receiver R617FS + Battery TX

CategoryHome > Radio Controls & Receivers > Radio Controls
Date Added09/12/2010
AvailabilityNot available
Sales Price (incl. VAT)€ 275.00

Futaba 1072SPEC Transmitter 7CPS 2.4G + Receiver R617FS + Battery TX

Able to transmit on either PPM or PCM, this full 7 channel set also adopts the very popular “Jog Dial” programming system from its bigger brother, the FF9.

This enables programme selection to be just a twist away - press to confirm selection, then twist again to adjust and confirm settings.

The FF7 is so simple to programme that the manual is almost superfluous, it’s the perfect system for the computer novice or those baffled by previous computer systems!

However, don’t be fooled by the ease of programming, this is a very highly specified system, featuring Aero and Heli functions, 10 model memory, LCD screen, digital trims, 6 character model name plus much, much more!

• Trim types them of easy uses to high precision
• 10 memorizzabili models
• Name model with function copy
• Transmission ppm (fm) & pcm commutabili
• Function fail save (only in configuration pcm)
• Timer & chronometer
• Tension battery feeding visualized on the dispaly
• Configuration stick way 1,2,3,4 programmabile
• Function alievo master
• Subtrim
• Reverse
• Run regulation servocomandi (atv/epa)
• Reducers of race (d/r)
• Esponenziale on the 4 channels (exp)
• Aerial Miscelazioni and helicopter
• Miscelazione Flaperon with differentiation
• Potenziometro Flaperon regulation (Value of miscelazione Flaperon)
• Miscelazione Aileron - > directional Rudder
• Miscelazione Flaperon - > Rudder of depth
• Miscelazione Rudder of depth - > Flaperon
• Miscelazione Brake Air Brake (aileron with function of flap/spoiler)
• Miscelazione plans to V
• Miscelazione delta wing (Elevon) with differentiation.
• Program of miscelazione 3 x 3 points with/without Trimm and offset miscelazione
• Regulation curve of the gas to 5 points
• Regulation curve of the step to 5 points
• Potenziometro motor regulation in stationary flight Th. hovering
• Potenziometro regulation Pitch step Hovering
• Miscelazione step tail Rud Pitch
• Function autorotation
• Offset Miscelazione of roll, nick and tail H1, H2, HR3, H3 (90°) H3 (1: 1: 1), H4, configuration of the cyclical plate
• Regulation of race of the cyclical plate (AFR)
• Function regulation sensibility of gyroscope.
Technical data
Dimensions 195x200x90mm
Weight 536gr.
Transmission FM/PCM
Frequency 35 MHz/40 MHz
Feeding 9,6 V
Consumption 250 mAh
Functions 7 Ch
Absorption 20/180 but
1 Transmitter TX 7CPS
1 Receiving R607FS 2.4G
Battery for Transmitter

Futaba 1072SPEC Transmitter 7CPS 2.4G + Receiver R617FS + Battery TX
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